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No more confusion about what's best to eat. Increase your energy levels and gain a much better understanding of your body.

This ebook is your guide to making hormone balancing meals through gut health optimisation, understanding cycle syncing, peri and post menopause and everything you need to help balance your hormones.

This ebook includes everything you need to start balancing your hormones:

  • Hormone balancing recipes
  • Gut health optimisation
  • How to become insulin sensitive
  • Nutrition and menopause
  • Cortisol, estrogen, progesterone and nutrition
  • How to become a master meal prepper
  • How to cycle sync your nutrition
  • Coming off the pill
  • How to intermittantly fast as a woman

Increased energy levels

You will notice so much more energy after implementing some of the simple steps in the book. And you will know exactly what to focus on to achieve this.

No more confusion

The ebook provides science- and evidence-based nutrition strategies to help you balance your hormones through nutrition. So no more confusion about how, what and when to eat.

Understand your body

Gain a clear insight into how to balance your hormones at each phase of life, through your reproductive years and through peri and post menopause.

A word from the author

I wrote this ebook after experiencing hormone imbalance myself and healing it with nutrition. And this hasn't only worked for me — my clients have also seen great results by following my method.

I hope you get a lot of value from this ebook and make lots of little changes over the coming weeks and months. Remember, slow and steady wins the race.

- Rebecca Holland


“This has made meal prep so easy for me, my PCOS symptoms have greatly improved as I have become so much more insulin sensetive. For the first time I have lost weight without crazy restriction!”

— Julia


“I have been dieting for years, my weight has went up and down and I havn’t been able to find the right approach. I have spent so much money on programs and nutrtionists. This ebook has been the only tool that has allowed me to balance my hormones and understand nutrtion. I cannot explain how much this has changed my life for the better.”

— Olivia


“I bought this as I have gained a lot of weight since I hit menopause. Diet culture added to my stress levels mentally and physically. I have lowered my cortisol levels and gained so much energy since implementing the steps in this book. And am 11lb down!”

— Clair

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This ebook is everything you need to balance your hormones with nutrition. From cycle syncing to menopause and everything in between.


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